As a media partner of the Social Recruiting Conference we had a chance to interview Stéphane Le Viet, the CEO of Work4 Labs, the company behind Facebook recruiting tool Work for Us.

We recently reviewd this app here on Rectec (Dutch only) so we are very happy to be able to ask him some background about the app and some ambitions.

Stéphane, with Work4 Labs ( you’ve built the ‘Work for Us’ app in Facebook, giving big companies the chance to build an easy way give Facebook visitors of Fanpages the option to apply. Can you give us some numbers about the success of your company? How many companies are using this? How many applicants does your system process during a month or year?

Absolutely. The app is used by over 7,500 companies in 30+ countries and 40+ languages. Some of the clients you might recognize include Citibank, Accenture, Intel, Oracle, L’Oréal, Microsoft, GAP, Deloitte, Hard Rock Cafe, KPMG, PwC, and P&G. In the year they’ve posted over 350,000 jobs, received 40,000 applicants, and generated millions of views.

Your application has the possibly to import vacancies from an ATS feed. Does it also allow applicants to go directly into an ATS? And what ATS’s do you currently support with this feature?

The ‘Work for Us’ app not only imports jobs automatically from an ATS, and but also allows applicants to apply through the ATS via Facebook.

We can integrate with nearly any ATS, from Taleo to PeopleSoft to SAP, as well as proprietary systems. If the client does not have an ATS, we can still scrape and the import the jobs automatically from their web-base career site.

You have some matching technology where you match based on Linkedin profiles and Facebook profiles. Can you explain a little about how this works? And does this only work for the company’s Fanpage a visitor is then visiting or is this on all the vacancies of all your clients?

We’ve developed highly advanced algorithms following a year-long partnership with a computer science and statistical research lab in Paris.

This technology translates key data in a user’s profile (such as educational background, interests, work history, location, etc) into a code that identifies the applicant’s particular qualifications.

We’ve also developed semantic technology that will identify relevant keywords in a job description that signal the qualifications of the ideal candidate. Our application then matches users to jobs in order to find the best matches.

Can you tell us something about the numbers and successes of some customers?

We’re seeing incredible successes across our clients every day. One recent success is Hard Rock Cafe, which used the app to hire all of the positions for a new location they opened in Florence, Italy.

They created an entirely new Facebook Page, installed the app, spent $200 on advertising, and within four weeks they had 10,000 fans and 4,000 applicants (600 of which they interviewed and 120 of which they hired solely through Facebook). You can read all about the incredible story at Bill Boorman’s blog:

What are you future plans? Are you planning a mobile app for example and what’s the main win for the applicant going to be with that?

We’re continuing to invest heavily in the app’s technology and design. The app allows recruiters to launch highly targeted and automatically optimized Facebook job ads, and we’re enhancing that functionality daily. We’re deepening our integration with the major ATS’s and are building features that make it easy for recruiters to build and leverage passive talent communities.

We also have a close working relationship with Facebook and are able to take advantage of the constant changes to the platform, so stay tuned for some exciting new products and features in the coming months!

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