Last week we announced that we are a partner of The Social Recruiting Conference, june 30th in London. As a media partner we have some access to the speakers and going onwards to the event we will publish some interviews with the speakers of the conference.

Today some Q&A with Matthew Jeffery,  Head of EMEA Talent Acquistion at Autodesk. Some might know him from Digitaal-Werven last year, when he was still the head of global talent acquisition ot Electronic Arts.

We asked Matthew some questions about his move, the differences between the two jobs and of course if he believes he can achieve at software maker Autodesk what he did at games developer EA: 65% hires trough social media.

Matthew, several of our readers will know you from Digitaal-Werven last year, when you were still at EA. You managed to fulfill 60% of your hires at that company by social media. You recently changed to software maker Autodesk. What are your ambitions there?

My ambitions in year one Bas are huge.  It starts from the basics and building a credible, authentic Employment Brand proposition.  Then behind that looking at all stages of the candidate experience, be it ‘Notice’, ‘Consider’, ‘Apply’, ‘Join’, ‘Work’, ‘Leave’, ‘Remember’.  This involves a huge amount from a complete re-design of the corporate careers site, building all social media channels, designing a corporate blog site and building a credible community, designing and launching a recruitment and brand app for iPhone/iPad and Android.  So much to do.  Will be a great great year.  You can never stand still or rest on your laurels.

As far as a brand name goes, Autodesk seems less sexy then EA. Do you think you can manage the same results when it comes to social media? Or was the EA brand crucial for that?

Interesting definition of sexy.  For example, Autodesk software has helped to design and power the last 16 winners of the Visual Effects Oscar, including films like Inception, Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Pixar films.  I think that telling people about the power and creativity of software and demonstrating the stunning, Oscar winning, Visual Effects in these blockbuster films is beyond sexy.  Continuing that theme of seduction, consider that Autodesk software is involved in designing most videogames, designs so much of what surrounds us be it cars, boats, buildings, roads, bridges, I could go on and on.  I hope that inspires you and answers your questions on sexiness.  In terms of results.  We have to be ambitious in life Bas.  I want more.  My ambitions are even bigger.  And they will be fulfilled……social is about engagement and taking people on a journey, that destination either being a ‘hire’ or a ‘brand ambassador’.  I don’t see any reason why we can’t hit more than 65%.

What was your biggest (positive and negative) suprise when you came to Autodesk?

Biggest positive.  Autodesk is such a great company that has achieved so much but has so much more potential.  Biggest challenge is to build Employment Brand Recognition.  I am sure many of your readers Bas will not know ‘Autodesk’ and say who?  But when they start to see what we do, the ‘wow’ factor hits hard, like an Ali uppercut.  I compare it internally to someone walking round an art gallery of beautiful paintings but in the corner, hidden under a tarpaulin, is the greatest piece of art, remaining to be uncovered.  That’s my job at Autodesk.  And boy will it be fun.

In the conference you are in the social media recruitment strategy pannel. What’s your main ‘point’ going to be on this issue?

It is to highlight why use social media.  So many companies are getting it oh so wrong.  They rush off and create a Facebook/Twitter page and then say job done.  They publish a list of jobs with hyperlinks back to their corporate careers site.  How dull is that?  How boring.  Let’s be honest Bas, recruitment is boring.  The only time people look at corporate careers sites and look at Twitter feeds with lists of jobs is when they are looking.  Would you subscribe to a Facebook page or Twitter feed is you were not looking for a job.  No.  because a list of jobs is boring.  This back to the days of Recruitment 1.0  ‘Post, Spray and Prey’!  Look at some of the Corporate Facebook sites or Twitter feeds.  Some big companies just post jobs to their 200 ‘fans’/’followers’.  In fact some post more jobs in a week than they have followers.  Ha ha.  So the clue is in the title.  ‘Social’.  It implies conversation, 2 way communication, engagement and authenticity.  That is what companies need to realize very quickly.  ‘Humanise’ your company, reveal behind the Corporate Iron Curtain and let people talk in real time and build a relationship with your company/brand.

If you want to hear Matthew speak, you can register with this link and if you use the code: SRCONF20 you will get a discount of 20%.

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