forrester-logoOf course it’s no suprise that Forrester knows how to use social media. But the fact that they actually do it themselves for hiring a new senrio social media analyst and execute it nearly perfect makes it worth blogging about.

A couple of days ago Jememiah Owyang announced that he would be leaving Forrester after two years on his own blog. He didn’t yet say where he is going, but he thanked Forrester for a great adventure.

Four days later a guest post from the hiring manager at Forrester, regarding the position that will become vacant. Now why is this so perfectly done?

Well first of all: it’s Jeremiah’s own personal blog. It’s not Forresters blog, it’s his. The fact that he allows Forrester to use it shows he has warm feelings for the company even now that he’s leaving. His personal note above the guest post, stating his 7 reasons why everybody should want to work there, makes Forrester all the more credible. Jeremiah shares his own personal brand and reputation with Forrester, as a soon to be ex employee.

Second of all: the targeting is perfect. Where else to find the successor for this job as with the readers that read his blog?

What else makes this posting nearly perfect?

– In the text the recruiters links to his twitter account: My name is Charles Telep (@forresterjobs);
– It starts with a very short but powerfull message about the company and culture (recruiters: THIS is how you describe a company, not by long stories with numbers and subsidiaries);
– in the posting there are links to the twitter account and blog of the CEO who is mentioned;
– The CEO quotes make a very strong case on the culture, combined with Jeremiah’s recommendation that makes it even stronger;
– A link to the team page (with pictures) and vacancy;
– A list of the Non-negotiables, and they do mean, non negotiable;
– in that list stuff that shows your influance in quality and quantity in the social media arena.

It’s a bit of a shame that once you try to apply, you get into a really bad application experience because of the back end (ATS) they use and how the implemented it. But I guess there is still a world to win on that front.

The case itself is in my opion a true showcase on how to use social media in general (let’s face it, with a blogging and twittering CEO you can put links in a posting like this). And how the power can be used, non intrusive, for recruitment.

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