astermanIsn’t Second Life dead? Well, not according to Amazon recruitment. And they have proven everybody that thinks so wrong. Amazon had a second life job fair the 14th of july. They announced it on their blogs and did a little promotion on it. Nothing much, I saw the figures, I’ve thrown dinner parties more expensive.

Because despite the recession, Amazon is still looking for 522 people. Sow they needed to do something, and they did. And when I read: Second Life, I was sceptical, very sceptical. Second Life died last year, who in his right mind still does Second Life events. But the results tell a different story.

First a little information on the event. It was 100% Amazon, so not part of a larger job fair. And they built the island for this purpose alone. The event lasted for 18 hours and there were almost 30 Amazonians present during at least part of that time. Meaning some people stayed all 18 hours and there were people from Amazon every minute of all 18 hours.

And I can only say: what a succes! Both in quantity (a few hundred resumes) as well as in quality it was a big succes. Quality is both the level of the CV (good people) but ever more the length of the talks they had with the applicants. Over one hour on average. Now that is some quality time.

Will this work in every country? I have no idea. But it does show the potential of a virtual job fair if you do it right! Create some publicity, of course a good employer brand does wonders, make sure the candidate decides when to come in (long opening hours with someone to talk to every moment) and the patience to have in depth talks with applicants. My compliments to Amazon!

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